Ian’s Korner August 2013

Ian’s Korner – Est. 2013

Hello and welcome to Ian’s Korner.  I’m Ian, a buyer for Bull Moose.  Every week I’ll feature items you can find in stock (usually) at bullmoose.com and in our stores.  So is there a point or some sort of common thread to the items that are featured here?  Sometimes but not always.  Sometimes it’ll be items that have been overlooked or deserve some extra attention.  Sometimes it’ll be something with a nice cover or a good back story.  Sometimes it’ll be something I like.  Sometimes these items will be plentiful.  Sometimes we’ll only have one.  Sometimes you might not care about anything here.  Sometimes you might buy everything on this page.


Nintendo DS
The best board game ever became one of the most difficult-to-sell Nintendo DS games ever when Mentor Interactive released Scotland Yard back on June 7th, 2011.  I’ve not played the DS version of Scotland Yard so I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s great.  However, unlike the board game, you can play this game by yourself.  That might come in handy if the people in your life are anything like mine and refuse to play this game.  You can even play as the detectives or Mr. X.  Not a bad deal for $18.14.  So please, help us give these 5 copies of Scotland Yard a home and buy one.


John J. Mettler Jr., DVM 
There is no ambiguity here.  This book’s purpose is to show the reader the basics of butchering both game and livestock.  From squirrel to beef, it’s covered here.  Dr. Mettler presents the information in an easy to read & follow manner.  Combine that with over 100 illustrations and you have what will probably be the most complete butchering book you’ll ever need.  A word of advice, though.  Do not buy this book thinking you can read it and immediately go out and butcher a steer.  You’ll probably need someone with a bit of experience to help you out before you butcher a rabbit, much less a 1000+ pound animal.  I purchased this book a few months ago during a time in my life I was angry at technology (mainly Hulu+ and the idea of people wearing Google Glass) and thought I should try to become less dependant on this modern world and fend for myself more.  Needless to say, after reading all of Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game I’m still buying my steak out of some guy’s truck in the Cumbie’s parking lot.  Added bonus: the recipes at the end sound amazing.  My favorite: sweet & sour animal!


Guessing Game Garden of Unearthly Delights LPs
$22.48 each
Cathedral are fantastic.  Like Iron Maiden, their album covers are awesome; full of detail and colors.  Also like Iron Maiden, the music on the albums matched the awesomeness of their album covers.  With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to pick up cathedral’s albums on LP?  I think so.  Nuclear Blast does too so they’ve re-issued two of their great albums, Guessing Game Garden of Unearthly Delights, on LP.  These are super-limited so pick them up ASAP because once their gone who knows when they’ll be re-pressed again.  Maybe never.


This title is only available pre-owned.
$2.97 .
As a child of the 80’s I have several memories of the Cold War and it’s demise.  I remember watching on TV the Berlin Wall coming down as well as watching the news reports of the Chernobyl disaster (which I guess was less Cold War and more bad news) but there were two movies that came out during this time frame that had the biggest impact on me.  Testament, which is sadly no longer availablein a physical format, is perhaps the most grim movie ever made about nuclear war.  Watch it when you want to feel terrible about life.  The Day After, while no less grim, at least had a sort of feeling at the end that we weren’t completelydoomed.  Watch it if you want to feel not great about life but also if you want to see Jason Robard’s reaction to a nuclear blast while driving on I-70 in Missouri.  The amazingly-dated special effects and the use of military and nuclear blast stock footage only make it that much creepier.


Have you ever been in the situation where someone asks you what music you’ve been listening to lately?  It’s a tough question because you can’t always come up with a good answer on the spot.  That’s why I’ve come up with a few go-to albums you can use out when certain types of people ask you this question.Your parents– I like to pull this one out.  Me Moan is an interesting album and Daughn Gibson has a great, Nick Cave-like voice.  Your folks may think you’re talking about this guy, though, so it works in two different ways.
Your aunt/pilates partner/court-appointed attorney– Most people have heard of this.  Seems like a safe bet, right?
Your annoying co-worker– If you don’t like to talk to people at work (or anywhere, really) and want to be left alone you can’t do much better than professing your love for this album.  People won’t know who you’re talking about and, if they do, they’ll be sure to avoid you in the future.
Your romantic interest– Listening to this album says “I like to have fun and I have a hint of a wild side  but I’m also a grounded and responsible adult who considers the consequences of my actions.”
Your “cooler-than-you” friend– If you can’t out-cool than you can at least out-spend.
A Juggalo– This, natch!

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