Brunswick Expansion* Celebration

old Brunwick_0001_2 use this one

Join us this Saturday, November 23rd, at the Brunswick Bull Moose in celebration of our completed expansion*.  We’re really excited to have been able to renovate the first Bull Moose (again) and gain some more room so we can expand what we already have and so we can offer books there like we are in other locations.  Books are glorious!  Books are like gold made out of trees.
Also on Saturday we will be giving away four $50 Bull Moose gift certificates, Port City Music Hall tickets and more!
Also, join us at 2 PM for a special acoustic performance by Mike O’Hehir.

Mike O’Hehir is the singer/songwriter for Maine folk-rock band Old Soul. His duet with Sara Hallie Richardson, “Vaughn Island”, will be featured on GFAC 207 v.9. Old Soul’s new full length CD will be out in early 2014.
*Brunswick picture not up-to-date.


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