Record Store Day Lineup Includes Def Leppard Tribute Band

One more event added!
Please join us in welcoming the multi-platinum selling recording artist and seven-time Grammy nominee,Joan Osborne, she will be swinging by the Salem, NH store at 1PM on Record Store Day! Joan will play a few acoustic songs then sign copies of her new CD Love & Hate.

More appearances added!
Q: What would Record Store Day be without live music?

A: Record Store Morning

You already know that Mike Mills will sign copies of the new R.E.M. box set at the Scarborough Bull Moose at 2pm.

Now we can announce additional appearances:

Ghost of Paul Revere 3PM Brunswick (Holler folk)
LeppardMania 5PM Lewiston  (Def Leppard tribute band!)
Gunther Brown 3PM Portsmouth (roots rock)
Fifth Freedom 4PM Waterville (southern rock/metal)
Rotating Taps 3PM Bangor (indie pop and rap)
North of Nashville 4PM Mill Creek (Americana)
KGFREEZE 2PM Portland (happy medium of R&B, dance & good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll)
Standard Issue 11AM Mill Creek (classic jazz)
Amy Allen 12PM North Windham (singer/songwriter)
The Box Tiger 4PM Portland (indie rock)
The Galley Rats 4PM Sanford (high energy Neo-Celtic)
The best record stores nationwide have live music. Bull Moose is proud to be the only store with a real Def Leppard tribute band.


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