How to beat the eBay flippers

The worst thing about Record Store Day is seeing something you want offered on eBay. Record Store Day has been doing things behind the scenes to combat the problem, but we need a little help (tonight!) from collectors.

Some flippers are brazen enough to elicit pre-orders on eBay. This is a violation of eBay’s terms because these jerks can’t promise that they will be able to ship the items. Therefore, we would love it if collectors everywhere reported those items. It’s simple.

1. Log in
2. Find the item
3. Scroll down and click on “Report item” on the right.
4. Select Listing Practices/Inappropriate Seller Terms/Presale
5. Click send report

That’s all there is to it. If everyone reported a few of these meatheads, eBay might take action against them.

By the way, this will only work tonight. Tomorrow, it’s fair game.

Thanks in advance for helping us protect real music fans like you.

Have a great Record Store Day!

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