Canadian Coheed Mystery

We sincerely apologize, but unfortunately – these are not available to us, we will not be able to bring any in..
Last weekend we got a bunch of orders and questions about a new Coheed & Cambria listing on our website. Who knows how people even found it?
Available 4/29 if you need itWe looked into it and this is what we found 6666 itemsout.

First, it’s important to know that a surprising number of titles are released every week. Our database show 6,666 items will be released next week. We include them all because we can get most of them and who knows when someone is going to need a random German textbook.

Sometimes crazy data creeps in. Crazy like a Canadian Record Store Day title masquerading as a new release. That’s the story here.

Our contact is going to try to get us enough copies to cover all the pre-orders we took. Any orders we can fill will be filled in the order they were placed. If we can’t fill any, well…that’s why we don’t charge people’s credit cards in advance!

Keep your fingers crossed, people! Pretty strange.

Update: There’s nothing to it.

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