Our LEGO Firewalk photo goes viral

The other day we posted a photo of the LEGO Firewalk setup to our tumblr blog. Yeah, we have a tumblr.LEGO Firewalk

You know how the internet works. Last night someone posted it to an image sharing site. Someone linked to it on Reddit.

Then George Takei posted it to his Facebook page, which led to a zillion more shares.

We wish we could say we planned this, but we were just trying to have some fun.

It made the TV news too. Here is the video.


  1. this message is for chris brown, please.
    i have a suggestion … i do not have the capability of downloading music from itunes or otherwise, however there are times that i would like to download music in which hardcopy is not available (music heard on the voice is one example). i would love to be able to go to my local bull moose location and have one of your associates download to cd the song or songs in which i have interest. what do you think about adding this personal service?
    look forward to hearing from you! paula lee


    1. Hello Paula,
      Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to do this that is both practical and legal. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s a service we will be able to offer in the near future. It’s a great idea and I wish there was a way to make it happen.

      Thanks so much for writing.


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