(Not) The Best of Atomic Rooster in 5.1

Do you collect old DVD-Audio titles? Feel free to avoid The Best of Atomic Rooster unless you find a cheap copy. This is a great example of when a good stereo mix crushes a poor 5.1 mix.

Atomic Rooster is best known because Carl Palmer was on their first album They released an excellent proggy doom metal album, Death Walks Behind You after he left in 1970It’s dark like early Black Sabbath, but the grooviness reminds one of newer bands like Graveyard and The Sword. Much of the prog feel comes from Vincent Crane’s piano and organ.

Doom metal fans certainly should get to know Atomic Rooster–just not with this release. The label that released this has been accused of creating fake 5.1 mixes, but this sounds like a genuine 5.1 mix to me. Unfortunately, it’s not a good mix and the fidelity is disappointing.

Last word: great band; inessential purchase


Note: This is the first in a series of reviews of music for people with surround sound systems. Coming soon: The Yes Album, Quadrophenia, and some older hard-top-find titles.

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