Pre-order Pugwash and get an autographed trading card

If you are a fan of smart power pop, particularly bands like XTC, Jellyfish, The Move or any of the great groups who inspired them, you will love Pugwash.

Now that you lPugwash_Rose_OV-100-180x180ove Pugwash as much as I do, be one of the first 133 people to pre-order their upcoming CD, A Rose In a Garden of Weeds, and you’ll get a 1970s-1980s trading card autographed by the band. This offer is good in all Bull Moose locations and on

Lando Calrissian, Bones & Kirk, Chewie, The Joker, & Phoebe Cates. What is Jerry Garcia doing here?

Is that cute hairy thing in the middle an Ewok or Jerry Garcia?

Here is a sample of the trading cards you might receive. We’ve got Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Star Trek, Batman, Gremlins, The Empire Strikes Back, plus some truly random stuff like Grateful Dead trading cards.


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