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From Here To Paternity-A Love Story

From Here To Paternity-A Love Story

Today while we were loading up the U-Haul with all kinds of goodies for the Sanford tent sale this weekend, I came across this gem of a book “From Here To Paternity” written by one Christine Rimmer. Seriously, just feast (pun intended) your eyes on this book for a minute, I was able to find at least a half dozen things about this cover that I found amusing. Do you think the cover art was inspired by the scene in Family Guy when Peter tries to breast feed Stewie?

Janelle Monae is Not Like You and I

When someone creates pure musical magic like Janelle Monae has on her third album “Electric Lady” I start wondering what it is that makes them tick, what their lives must be like, what their thought pattern is to have created these enchanted sounds. Luckily for me and my under-caffeinated brain, Ms. Monae has a simple answer for me, one that my simple human brain can understand. She’s an Android, but not just any android, an android that has figured out how to radiate love, funk, and soul. This 3.0 model of Janelle Monae made it so simple for us humanoids to figure out her true form with album titles like “Metropolis,” “Archandroid,” and now “Electric Lady.” I’m not sure how I didn’t figure it out before, guess I was too busy shaking my human assets to think about it.