Bull Moose Mill Creek

Carissa Johnson/Lauren Hurley Acoustic In-Store at Mill Creek

Stop by the Mill Creek bull moose on Sunday April 12th at 8PM and check out a special acoustic double bill featuring Carissa Johnson “Raw, punk influenced rock n roll sound. Melodic, catchy, and lyric-driven songs” & Lauren Hurley ” Melodic indie-acoustic rock. Rootsy sound with a modern twist. Lyric-driven and holds nothing back.” Carissa’s album For Now is available now!

Bull Moose challenges daring LEGO®* fans to compete for deeply discounted prices on movie release

To celebrate the release of The LEGO® Movie on Blu-ray and DVD, fans in Maine are encouraged to stop by the Mill Creek Bull Moose, 219 Waterman Drive, to test their fortitude with a challenge that hits home with anyone who’s unknowingly stepped on a stray LEGO® brick on the living room floor.

Beginning at 5pm on Tuesday, June 17, daring customers will have the opportunity to walk barefoot across a 12 foot long path of LEGO® bricks in exchange for a deeply discounted price on the new release; $9.97 for the DVD and $15.97 for the Blu-ray version. Those who choose to forego the pain of walking over hundreds of the pointy plastic building blocks can purchase the movie for $13.97 on DVD or $19.97 on Blu-ray.

Spectators are encouraged to cheer on brave friends and family as they make their way across the sea of tiny bricks.