Fan Art

Fan Art 5

I’m going to stop using roman numerals because I really don’t know what comes after 20 and I have a feeling the demand for Fan Art will be big.  This piece is inspired by one of my favorite compilations of all time.   I’m not one to toot my own horn but I feel this is a little more interesting than the original cover.  The snow makes you think of cold while the parking garage makes you think of a city, which Windham is.  It really comes together.  WINDHAM_HILL_CHILL_2

Fan Art IV

Bob Dylan’s 2011 album Selfie Portrait.  Lyrical topics on this album include our eagerness to share too much information with others, eBay listing fees, and the rise & fall of MySpace.  Released on 180 gram vinyl, CD, 7″ box set, and as a digital download.  Greil Marcus provides the liner notes.  Dylan covers the Strokes, Solange, &    Buddy Guy on this one.                                                                                                                                                                                          Bob_Dylan_Selfie_Portrait

More Fan Art

As promised, more fan art.  I picture this one as a gatefold record.  I really like the hydraulic fluid on the ground.  I also like to imagine the music on the album.  This one would be an mid-80’s album where WA move towards a more Gary Numan- like sound.  The record’s lyrics would deal with things like alienation in the modern world and robots taking over the jobs of people.  Andy Powell would rap on one song but WA would never perform it live.