Jack White

See & Hear Jack White’s New Lazaretto Album Early!



Jack White Turntable

Jack White’s new album Lazaretto is finally in stores next week (6/10) on both vinyl & CD – Would you like to hear (and see) it now? Head on over to the Scarborough Bull Moose all this week and you can check out the Lazaretto vinyl listening station they have set up! The LP has some pretty cool tricks that come with it – see what Jack White has to say about them all here.

You can also enter to win the Third Man Records turn-table, Lazaretto LP, and a special 7’’ single of Jack White’s “High Ball Stepper” while you are there too!


The most deluxe vinyl box set ever?

Jack White has produced what might be the most amazing archival release ever. This 22 pound oak cabinet documents 800 tracks from Paramount from 1917-27. It includes six LPs in a birch folio, a 8GB USB drive with 800 tracks, two giant books and other goodies.

It is a joy to contemplate, even if you have no plans to buy it.

Paramount: The Rise & Fall, Vol. One (1917-27)