Our LEGO Firewalk photo goes viral

The other day we posted a photo of the LEGO Firewalk setup to our tumblr blog. Yeah, we have a tumblr.LEGO Firewalk

You know how the internet works. Last night someone posted it to an image sharing site. Someone linked to it on Reddit.

Then George Takei posted it to his Facebook page, which led to a zillion more shares.

We wish we could say we planned this, but we were just trying to have some fun.

It made the TV news too. Here is the video.

Bull Moose challenges daring LEGO®* fans to compete for deeply discounted prices on movie release

To celebrate the release of The LEGO® Movie on Blu-ray and DVD, fans in Maine are encouraged to stop by the Mill Creek Bull Moose, 219 Waterman Drive, to test their fortitude with a challenge that hits home with anyone who’s unknowingly stepped on a stray LEGO® brick on the living room floor.

Beginning at 5pm on Tuesday, June 17, daring customers will have the opportunity to walk barefoot across a 12 foot long path of LEGO® bricks in exchange for a deeply discounted price on the new release; $9.97 for the DVD and $15.97 for the Blu-ray version. Those who choose to forego the pain of walking over hundreds of the pointy plastic building blocks can purchase the movie for $13.97 on DVD or $19.97 on Blu-ray.

Spectators are encouraged to cheer on brave friends and family as they make their way across the sea of tiny bricks.