Pugwash Acoustic In-Store!

With influences including The Kinks, Electric Light Orchestra, The Beach Boys, XTC, and other power pop favorites, Irish band Pugwash has been entertaining audiences since 1999, and is embarking on its first U.S. tour in support of its inaugural international release. While in the U.S., Pugwash will visit Bull Moose in Portland (151 Middle Street) on Friday, October 10 at 6:30 p.m. for a free acoustic in-store performance.

Their new album A Rose in a Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through the History of Pugwash is in stock now at all bull moose locations for $12.97!



Wednesday August 6th at 6:30PM!!


Come  on down and celebrate what would have been Elliott Smith’s 45th birthday at Bull Moose Portland with Jeff Beam, who will be playing a special Elliott Smith tribute set “from a basement on Middle Street.”

Best-selling Maine author Crash Barry and Rustic Overtones frontman Dave Gutter at Portland Bull Moose

Two Maine favorites, longtime rock musician Dave Gutter, frontman of Rustic Overtones, and author Crash Barry, will entertain fans at the Portland Bull Moose, 151 Middle Street, in the best way they know how: with stories and songs. Scheduled for Sunday, April 20 at 4:20 p.m., the two who first met on the film shoot for the screen adaptation of Barry’s Sex, Drugs, and Blueberries, will share stories and live music with attendees.

Barry will read a short selection from his new book, Marijuana Valley.  Crash Barry is also the best-selling author of the novel Sex, Drugs and Blueberries and the memoir Tough Island: True Stories from Matinicus. In addition, he writes a monthly column, One Maniac’s Meat, for The Bollard and raises pigs in the foothills of western Maine.

Longtime musician Dave Gutter is a founding member of Portland-based Rustic Overtones, arguably Maine’s best-known band. Gutter is also an original member of Paranoid Social Club; the band’s single “Wasted” was featured in the soundtrack for the movie Beerfest.ImageImage

Mark Olson 11/7/2013

I was excited to see that Mark Olson (formally of the Jayhawks) was playing in Portland on Thursday the 7th.  I’ve been trying to save some green but figured he wouldn’t be around Maine again for a while so I ponied up the money and myself and my domestic partner headed over to One Longfellow Square (which is fast becoming my favorite place to see a show.)

I love it when a band has no opening act, which was the case for this show.  Mark and his touring partner/wife Ingunn Ringvold took the stage promptly at 8:05 and treated the small but enthusiastic audience to an almost two hour set.  Now I’ve got to admit that I only recently discovered Mark Olson’s music with the release of Many Colored Kite.  I’ve known and listened to the Jayhawks’   music casually for years now but after I experienced car problems on two separate occasions while listening to Tomorrow the Green Grass (on cassette even!) I figured that the Jayhawks had cursed me somehow and that I should probably never listen to them again.  Looking back, I think the fact that I was driving an ancient Mazda Protege with a questionable transmission probably had more to do with the car trouble than Mark, Gary & the boys.  Anyway, I think that Many Colored Kite may be one of the best albums I’ve ever heard so I was excited to hear these songs live and what the musicians would do with them.  Sadly, they only played one track of off Many Colored Kite but that was ok because the rest of the set list was filled with solo tracks from Mark’s almost-as-awesome-as Many Colored Kite album Salvation Blues as well as some faithful to the source material versions of Jayhawks tunes and a couple of early Jayhawks tunes that Mark and Ingunn performed with only hand percussion.  A joke(?) was made onstage about looking for backers to finance a re-recording of  Hollywood Town Hall in this fashion.  I for one think it would make a great Record Store Day release but after Mark’s quip about YouTube taking the place of record stores; perhaps he’s not interested?  The set also included at least one tune from Mark’s Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers project and some good-natured stage banter about deer, littering, the difficulties of an intercontinental relationship, and the fact that Maine is always dark and rainy when he visits.

The show was a lot of fun, the price was right ($15) and any show that I can sit down at is a show that I like.  Thanks to the folks at One Longfellow for bringing Gary Olson to Maine.  Keep ’em coming.

Below is a cruddyy picture I took with my phone.  You’re not imagining things; Gary Olson really does look like Bill Murray.  I’m thinking he may get that a lot.

 Mark Olson Live