Our Facebook page gets press

Today’s Portland Phoenix mentions our Facebook page.

Recently, Bull Moose wondered “aloud” (via Facebook) about the future of metal. Among entreaties to just feel the music and listen to what you like and just not overthink things, man, was a succinct answer: “Ruin.”

It’s true. This four-piece is shaping up to be the biggest heavy band locally since Dead Season broke through, though they are considerably less accessible to the masses and it’s hard to believe they have a song that any commercial radio station would play outside of a specialized show.

Record Store Day 2009 press

How many stores can brag that they invented a holiday?  Bull Moose can.  We suggested a national celebration of independent music, movie and video game stores.  Our friends in other parts of the country loved the idea, named it Record Store Day, and got busy.  More than 1000 stores worldwide participated in 2009. 

Here is a great story the local AP office filed.  We made it into another audio slideshow on a PBS blog.  The crown jewel of the weekend was Ani Difranco’s performance.  You’ll find photos here and video on our YouTube channel.