Record Store Day

How to beat the eBay flippers

The worst thing about Record Store Day is seeing something you want offered on eBay. Record Store Day has been doing things behind the scenes to combat the problem, but we need a little help (tonight!) from collectors.

Some flippers are brazen enough to elicit pre-orders on eBay. This is a violation of eBay’s terms because these jerks can’t promise that they will be able to ship the items. Therefore, we would love it if collectors everywhere reported those items. It’s simple.

1. Log in
2. Find the item
3. Scroll down and click on “Report item” on the right.
4. Select Listing Practices/Inappropriate Seller Terms/Presale
5. Click send report

That’s all there is to it. If everyone reported a few of these meatheads, eBay might take action against them.

By the way, this will only work tonight. Tomorrow, it’s fair game.

Thanks in advance for helping us protect real music fans like you.

Have a great Record Store Day!

Record Store Day Lineup Includes Def Leppard Tribute Band

One more event added!
Please join us in welcoming the multi-platinum selling recording artist and seven-time Grammy nominee,Joan Osborne, she will be swinging by the Salem, NH store at 1PM on Record Store Day! Joan will play a few acoustic songs then sign copies of her new CD Love & Hate.

More appearances added!
Q: What would Record Store Day be without live music?

A: Record Store Morning

You already know that Mike Mills will sign copies of the new R.E.M. box set at the Scarborough Bull Moose at 2pm.

Now we can announce additional appearances:

Ghost of Paul Revere 3PM Brunswick (Holler folk)
LeppardMania 5PM Lewiston  (Def Leppard tribute band!)
Gunther Brown 3PM Portsmouth (roots rock)
Fifth Freedom 4PM Waterville (southern rock/metal)
Rotating Taps 3PM Bangor (indie pop and rap)
North of Nashville 4PM Mill Creek (Americana)
KGFREEZE 2PM Portland (happy medium of R&B, dance & good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll)
Standard Issue 11AM Mill Creek (classic jazz)
Amy Allen 12PM North Windham (singer/songwriter)
The Box Tiger 4PM Portland (indie rock)
The Galley Rats 4PM Sanford (high energy Neo-Celtic)
The best record stores nationwide have live music. Bull Moose is proud to be the only store with a real Def Leppard tribute band.


Rename Record Store Day Yardbirds Day?

Should we rename Record Store Day “Yardbirds Day?”

Jim McCarty, drummer of The Yardbirds, will be featured on three releases this Record Store Day. That’s more actual music than will be contained on Chuck Inglish’s four RSD titles. Only R.E.M. will release more minutes of music on their 4LP Unplugged box set.

Record Store Day 2014 release

Rhino brings us the 1992 stereo remix of Little Games on splatter colored vinyl. This was their last studio album. I hear where Jimmy Page was trying to take the band, but it sounds like the band wasn’t given enough studio time to explore all their ideas. This has the same ten tracks as the original album, not all the bonus stuff from the double CD from 1992. Hopefully you got Sundazed’s “Goodnight Sweet Josephine” b/w “Think About It” on Record Store Day 2011.

Sounds I HeardSounds I Heard is a LP plus a 7″ that could be difficult to find because there will be only 200 copies for the US. Fortunately, if you got the really nice Glimpses rarities/live/BBC box set you already have all the music.

Jim McCarty

Frontman is a live and rarities collection by Jim McCarty, who is best known as the drummer in The Yardbirds. He wrote some of the Yardbirds’ songs and went on to form Renaissance with Yardbirds’ singer Keith Relf and Keith’s sister, Jane. (Renaissance morphed into the Annie Haslam-fronted progressive rock band, but that’s another story.) Anyway, this record is sampling of many of McCarty’s cool post-Renaissance projects.

Varèse Sarabande’s Record Store Day releases detailed

Varèse Sarabande Record Store Day logo

Every year Varèse Sarabande Records has released some of the more sought-after releases. Every one I have heard has sounded great, thanks to the mastering efforts of Steve Massie. Once again, their records will be pressed by Erika Records.

The big release is The Zombies’ classic Odessey & Oracle. You need this if you have any interest in 60’s music and don’t own an original copy. It’s an outstanding British psych/flower power album, with elements of The Kinks, The Beatles, Pink Floyd. “Time of the Season” was the hit, but if you mention “This Will Be Our Year” in a group of record collectors, you’ll get a bunch of knowing nods. It’s such a great song The Foo Fighters covered it on their Record Store Day release. If Syd Barrett hadn’t slipped the Emily in Pink Floyd’s “See Emily Play” some acid, she might have ended up like the Emily in “A Rose for Emily.” That Emily probably lived next door to Eleanor Rigby but never spoke to her.

This masterpiece will leave you wanting more Zombies, so keep an eye out for their other release. Sometimes known as I Love You, this its first release in the US.

Fans of the Peter Gabriel-era Genesis will note a different lineup on From Genesis to Revelation. Without Hackett and Collins, Genesis’ first album is really more of a progressive pop album. If you prefer the Bee Gees’ psychedelic pop period to any sort of prog rock, this album is for you. No carpets were crawled in the making of this album.

I’m not going to pretend that I have heard The Everly Brothers or Norman Greenbaum albums in their entirety. I trust Varèse Sarabande and the million bands I love who cite The Everly Brothers as influences.

Varèse Sarabande Records’ press release follows. 

The Zombies Odessey and Oracle (Stereo)
Odessey and Oracle, the classic Zombies album that is consistently in the top 10 lists of the greatest albums of all-time. Featuring the classic hit “Time of The Season”

Track List:
Side One:
1. Care of Cell 44
2. A Rose for Emily
3. Maybe After He’s Gone
4. Beechwood Park
5. Brief Candles
6. Hung Up On A Dream

Side Two:
1. Changes
2. I Want Her She Wants Me
3. This Will Be Our Year
4. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)
5. Friends of Mine
6. Time of the Season
Limited to 2,500 units

The Everly Brothers Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (Mono)
In 1958 Songs Our Daddy Taught Us made a seminal artistic statement without pretension. A concept album before there was such thing; a return to basics before rock music had even matured. It all came naturally to Don and Phil Everly, the chart-topping recording stars who were just 21 and 19 respectively.

Track List:
Side One:
1 Roving Gambler
2 Down in the Willow Garden
4 Lightning Express
5 That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
6. Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

7 Barbara Allen
8 Oh So Many Years
9 I’m Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
10 Rockin’ Alone (In an Old Rockin’ Chair)
11 Kentucky
12 Put My Little Shoes Away
Limited to 1,500 units

Genesis From Genesis To Revelation (Stereo)
This is the first time this album is on vinyl since its original U.S. release in 1974. The album features the original core Genesis line-up of Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, and Peter Gabriel

Track List:
Side One:
1 Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
2 In the Beginning
3 Fireside Song
4 The Serpent
5 Am I Very Wrong?
6 In the Wilderness

Side Two:
1 The Conqueror
2 In Hiding
3 One Day
4 Window
5 In Limbo
6 The Silent Sun
7 A Place to Call My Own
Limited to 1,500 units

The Zombies (Mono)
Originally released only in Europe and Japan, this is the first time The Zombies’ second album is being issued on vinyl in the Untied States.

Track List:
Side One:
1. The Way I Feel Inside
2. How We Were Before
3. Is This The Dream
4. Whenever You’re Ready
5. Woman
6. You Make Me Feel Good

Side Two
1. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
2. Indication
3. Don’t Go Away
4. I Love You
5. Leave Me Be
6. She’s Not There
Limited to 1,500 units

Norman Greenbaum Spirit In The Sky (Stereo)
First time available on vinyl since it was originally released in 1969, the album features the massive hit single “Spirit In The Sky.”

Track List:
Side One
1 Junior Cadillac
2 Spirit In The Sky
3 Skyline
4 Jubilee
5 Alice Bodine

Side Two
1 Tars of India
2 The Power
3 Good Lookin’ Woman
4 Milk Cow
5 Marcy
Limited to 1,500 units

All of the original album art is lovingly preserved for these special releases.

Mike Mills from R.E.M. will visit Bull Moose on Record Store Day

Mike Mills, celebrated bassist and founding member of the rock band R.E.M., will visit Bull Moose in Scarborough for an in-store record signing on Saturday, April 19. The signing will take place at 2 p.m. at 456 Payne Road in Scarborough.

Mills will sign copies of R.E.M.’s Record Store Day release: a limited edition 4-LP collection of previously unreleased acoustic songs from the bands two appearances on MTV’s Unplugged. Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions will contain 33 tracks, including 11 that were not included in the original broadcasts. 

Mike Mills

Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions contains 33 tracks, including 13 that were not part of the original broadcasts.

Unplugged: The Complete 1991 and 2001 Sessions contains 33 tracks, including 13 that were not part of the original broadcasts.

Jaco – Official Film of Record Store Day 2014


TO CELEBRATE,  OMNIVORE RECORDINGS RELEASES MODERN AMERICAN MUSIC… PERIOD! – A Record Store Day Exclusive Chronicling Pastorius’ Milestone 1976 Criteria Studios Sessions

Hand-in-hand with Omnivore Recording’s impending Record Store Day release of  eleven staggering tracks unearthed from Jaco Pastorius’ Criteria Studios sessions in 1976 on Modern American Music… Period! comes word that a documentary film about the life of the undisputed late bass genius, simply titled Jaco, is in the works.

Directed by Stephen Kijak and Paul Marchand and produced by Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and John Battsek, the documentary has been chosen be The Official Film of Record Store Day 2014.

The official poster of Record Store Day 2014, available free while supplies last.

The official poster of Record Store Day 2014, available free while supplies last.

Trujillo couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the association with the event. “Record Store Day is a celebration of our youth, and beyond. It’s the power of memories fueled by this magic (usually) black vinyl disc. There’s a reason why Record Store Day is making people Head Bang, Rock Out, Relax, and simply Smile. It’s all about the joy and power of words, music and sound, not to mention the dynamic range of visual art that goes hand in hand with a record cover, jacket, or sleeve; and you might even get a poster. (Trust me, I still have most of my original vinyl)” (He was right about the poster—the image above will become the Official Record Store Day Poster of 2014, and will be given away as part of the celebration at select stores, while supplies last.)

And Mary Pastorius, Jaco’s daughter, shares, I ended up becoming a music/record/record store addict, as a teen in the ’80s–and it all started with my dad’s record collection back in the early 70’s. At three and four years old I would fall asleep inches away from the record player–wearing those big-ass back-in-the-day headphones on my head–listening to stuff like Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book, EW&F’s That’s The Way Of The World, or The Supremes Greatest Hits. (All of which I still have). Then I have the memories of being at Peaches (which was THE record store in S. Fla) with him for the Jaco Pastorius (the first solo album) record release party. They had a “walk of fame” there and we put our handprints in cement, Hollywood style. They also put a huge painting of that album with that iconic picture of him, up on the outside of the building, where it stayed for many years- which I drove by many times, and was greeted by the many times when I would go in to buy records myself.” 

Record Store Day’s Michael Kurtz adds: “I fell in love with Jaco Pastorius in 1976 when I heard Weather Report’s Black Market being played in my local record store. In 1977 I caught the band on its Heavy Weather tour and heard Jaco perform live. It was like I had been exposed to a force bigger than life. Performing on the Fender bass he’d personally stripped of frets, Jaco propelled the band with ferocity and finesse. He was shirtless, with an axe bold as love.”

The Omnivore release, produced in conjunction with the Pastorius estate and Trujillo, contains eleven tracks from the studio sessions a 22-year-old Pastorius and friends used to jam and experiment. Some of the tracks made it on to his 1976 debut, but some remained unreleased until now. In addition, Modern American Music…Period! will include essays from Trujillo and Pastorius biographer Bill Milkowski.

Kurtz effuses  “… it is a dream come true to be a part of helping Omnivore unearth and release the recording of a very young Jaco performing with his own band in Miami’s Criteria Studios.”

According to Trujillo: Omnivore’s release of Jaco Pastorius’ ‘Criteria Sessions’ is a raw unique statement — a statement that lets you know you are experiencing a powerful historical musical moment. Jaco’s sound, and facility alone, takes you on a trip that is totally new and fresh! This is punk at it’s best, and the attitude and edge is pure.”

Bruce Springsteen and Record Store Day

Yesterday, Rolling Stone announced that Bruce Springsteen will release four new tracks on Record Store Day (April 19.)

Three of the tracks – “American Beauty,” “Mary Mary” and “Hey Blue Eyes” – were recorded during the High Hopes sessions with producer Ron Aniello, but ultimately discarded. The origin of the other song, “Hurry Up Sundown,” is unknown.

Read more:

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Record Store Day news from Tompkins Square

The End of An Old Song

The End of An Old Song

The flood of Record Store Day titles is about to begin. Tompkins Square has announced a reissue of a Dillard Chandler record released by Smithsonian Folkways in 1975. Tompkins Square excels at this sort of thing, so this record surely will please fans old-timey music.

Dillard Chandler – “The End Of An Old Song” – TSQ 2998 – Vinyl reissue of the 1975 Smithsonian Folkways LP. These a cappella performances from the North Carolina folksinger were recorded by musicologist John Cohen. One of the rarest records in the Folkways catalog, this LP reissue is presented with original artwork and booklet insert, housed in a deluxe Stoughton “tip-on” jacket, as a limited edition of 1000.