Waterville Bull Moose

Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota “Weathering Shame” Signings!

Bull Moose will host book signings with local authors Kevin Mannix and Linda Rota to promote the couple’s recent release of their book, Weathering Shame. The book details the couple’s personal journey and experiences growing up with parental mental illness and alcoholism and the resulting shame and stigmas they’ve worked to overcome.
The duo will visit two Bull Moose locations this July to meet with fans and sign copies of their book.

• Saturday July 18th 12-2PM at the Waterville Bull Moose, 80 Elm Plaza
• Saturday July 25th 12-2PM at the Brunswick Bull Moose, 151 Maine Street

Mannix is recognized as one of Portland’s best-known weathermen after a 25-year career with WCSH6 that ended earlier this year. Rota, his social worker wife, has played a crucial role in encouraging him to share his personal story with audiences.

Shadow Rhythmic Waterville In-Store

Shadow Rhythmic Waterville In-Store

Saturday May 17th @ 2PM!
Shadow Rhythmic was formed when Acrylic and Words of Phrase came together with the idea to create an alternative hip-hop group emphasizing lyrical dexterity and melody driven beats. As the primary vocalist, Words of Phrase is known for his dense rhymes and abstract/poetic concepts. Singer/guitarist and beat maker Acrylic delivers tightly arranged, melodic patterns that set the scene for lyrics to come. Their sophomore album “Monster City” depicts a range of topics that cloak a darker, crueler side of a flawed society and boasts a whopping 24 tracks with no filler or interludes. The album is set to be released on May 13th.